Survive and Thrive Even When You’re Struggling

surviving covid19

Wow, this current lockdown situation really sucks, doesn’t it? I miss social dancing. I’m certain you do too and I bet so do your students. If you’re like 99% of dance business owners out there at the moment, your brick-and-mortar doors are probably closed on lockdown. You’re not bringing in new students or revenue and you’re probably struggling to keep your existing students even after your effort to quickly pivot to online classes. And with no definite end in sight, it’s easy to lose hope that we’ll ever be able to bounce back. 

But I’m here to tell you that there IS hope…    

At SoDance we make it our mission to empower you to come out of this crisis stronger than you were before. In the coming weeks during the lockdown period, look out for materials we’ll be producing that are specific to the Covid-19 crisis, as well as pandemic proof new student attraction, marketing, and retention methods. To make sure you’ll get all this, make sure you subscribe to our updates and don’t forget to put our email address on your white list so that our emails don’t get lost in the ‘promotion’ or ‘spam’ folder.

Some of the things we’ll be talking about are:

  • Mindset and Motivation techniques to get through lockdown
  • Online Classes Launch and Tech Tools you need to get started
  • How to deliver engaging Online Classes 
  • Pandemic proof new student Attraction, Marketing, and Retention methods

Look, I know this is hard, and for some people it’s even harder, but I genuinely think this isn’t the time to hide and let it all collapse. It is time to fight. We need to somehow manage to pivot, bend, break, reinvent, innovate, do whatever we can to come out of this situation. We need to think about two things: (1) the changes we need to get us through the lockdown and (2) the changes we need to help us climb out the crisis. 

Consider ourselves lucky enough that we can still do Online Classes. I strongly believe that this is our BEST way now to mitigate the Covid-19 damage on your dance business and to come out stronger when this is all over.

First things first though, we need to prioritise our mental and physical health care. This is before we do everything else. Keep in mind and check in with what feels useful to your own physical and mental state and learn what works for you. To help you manage your mental health, the NHS has published useful tips for Mental Wellbeing while staying at home. If you are feeling unable to cope or overwhelmed, and speaking to someone close to you who you trust doesn’t help you feel better, contact your GP or seek a professional counselor or therapist – it’s often possible to have a remote session over the phone or online.   

To help you get more support in regards to managing your dance business, you can join our Facebook group SocialDanceCollective, where you can meet fellow dance instructors who are also experiencing the same crisis at the moment. We always believe in the power of community and now it’s more important than ever to work together rather than compete. Hope to see you inside and remember to look out for more tips from us on how to manage your dance business during this pandemic.

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