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When you’re in need of that extra push, hiring a coach will help you get there faster. Not only they can help you decide where there is, they will also stretch and challenge you. Imagine if you want to lose some weight or get fitter, a personal trainer can help you focus better and reach your goal faster than if you exercise on your own. Athletes have relied on coaches for years to improve their games, dance instructors and dance school owners should get similar benefits from a business coach.

Why work with a coach?

It can be hard to work out what to do first when you’re faced with an immediate problem to solve. Clients might come to us with specific challenges they’re facing or to make plans for positive change. We are skilled at listening carefully and asking the right questions.

We can help you see the business more clearly and become aware of what you’re missing, identify your blind spots, and unlock the full potential of your dance business. It’s important to know that coaching is not intervention; we will bring out your best and help you to think and find the answers to any situation you’re facing.

Flexible Pricing Plans

For first time clients, we’re happy to offer you a single 60min session. This way you can see if coaching is really for you and if you want to continue working with us, or perhaps you just want to address one specific problem quickly. Subsequent sessions are 90mins long and you can book a block of 3 or 6 sessions.

£90 for a single 60min session.
£350 for a block of 3 x 90min sessions.
£600 for a block of 6 x 90min sessions.

All coaching sessions will be done online, using either Google Hangout/ Zoom/ Messenger/ Whatsapp and clients are welcome to email us between sessions at no extra charge.

Contact us by email in the first instance explaining briefly about why you’re looking for coaching support as well as your availability for your free initial session. We will then get back to you with details on how to go forward from there.



Better Marketing starts with Better Copy.

It’s the words you write that are going to convince prospective students to take a chance and buy your dance classes. Yes, a good looking website with attractive images can help, but it is mainly the carefully chosen words, arranged in the right way, that can elicit an action. Conversion Copywriting is an art that we love to do.

Here’s how we can help grow your business fast:

The Basics package £450
Brand Story Core Message
Homepage Header & Subheader

The Basics Plus package £750
All ‘The Basics’ benefits
Lead Generating PDF

Full Sales Funnel package £1.5K
All ‘The Basics Plus’ benefits
Interior web page copy (4 pages)
Email sales sequence (5 emails)

WP Web Design + Full Sales Funnel package £3K
All ‘Full Sales Funnel’ benefits
WordPress Web Design

Contact us by email in the first instance letting us know which package you need from us as well as your availability for your free initial consultation session (please allow 30mins). We will then get back to you with details on how to go forward from there.