Mindset and Motivation Tips For When You’re Struggling

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It’s easy to stay excited and motivated when everything is going well, isn’t it? When life is good and everything is rosy. But what happens when things are just not going our way? Maybe life just gets in the way, or you’re faced with unexpected problems at the studio, or you’re losing one of your best team members, or a combination of those and some other curve balls that make you lose all your confidence for running your dance business. 

What if the impossible happened? Like, for instance, the whole world is on lockdown because of the coronavirus, and you wonder if you’ll ever bounce back from this…

It might be a challenging time for us all dance instructors at the moment, but I’d like to ask you not to give up on your hopes and dreams just yet. I strongly believe that we can ride through this and that now is possibly the best opportunity for you to work on your mindset and motivation. 

Here are some tips for managing your mindset and motivation:

Mindset Shift #1
GROW through tough times instead of GOING through them

See this difficult time as an opportunity for you to grow. It’s not easy to do and it will take a lot of intentional effort on your part to fully execute this, but the results will be worth it. Come on, you know this already! You probably say this to your students all the time when they’re struggling with their dance lessons. To keep trying to improve! So why should it be different for when you are struggling? Some of the biggest failures and adversities in my life ended up becoming my biggest wins; we just need to push ourselves to focus.

Mindset Shift #2
Fuel your FAITH, not your FEAR 

Fear is normal, but it’s not good when it becomes a stumbling block that’s stopping us from doing anything. It’s important to acknowledge your fear but then shift your focus onto fueling your faith instead. I find understanding your value helps. Ask yourself these questions: ‘What value do I bring to my students? What sets me apart from other dance instructors? What makes my students choose me rather than my competitors?’. Collect positive feedback from your students and read the list to yourself. You’ve now found the reasons why you need to keep going.

Mindset Shift #3

Change your motive in running your dance business. Don’t focus on how to attract new students. Instead, pay attention to the students who come to you and focus on how you can contribute to their success. How you can help them to become a better dancer. Do everything you can to help solve your students’ problems. These people will stay and will tell other people how you make them feel. Make your students’ success your main driving force to keep you going.

Mindset Shift #4

Stop complaining about everything and everyone and start focusing on how you can develop your business and get better students. Remember, you’re not entitled to your ideal students or team members. Respect is earned. Strive to be the best version of yourself. Don’t spread negativity around you. It will attract negative people and they aren’t good for you or for your business. Instead, make a point of expanding your network and seek out positive, proactive people who inspire you. To create a successful business, mix with like-minded people and learn from the people who’ve walked a similar path but now ahead of you.

Mindset Shift #5

This is the most important Marketing Mindset of all. If you never liked doing Marketing before, it’s probably because you were thinking of a car salesman when you hear the word marketing. It’s the kind of marketing that makes you feel icky. Now think of it another way: you are helping your customers become what they want to be, whether it’s to become a great dancer, to feel happy, to make friends, to have a busy social life in a safe environment, etc. You provide value to them. And if you’re not doing marketing and they don’t know about you, then you are in fact denying them of their opportunity to better themselves. Understand this and you will never feel icky doing marketing ever again. People will buy if they believe in the value you offer – yes, even during this pandemic.

I really hope this article will inspire you and reignite the spark within you to persevere during this lockdown period or at any other time you feel like you’re not on your top form. To help you get more support in regards to managing your dance business, you can join our Facebook group SocialDanceCollective, where you can meet fellow dance instructors who are also experiencing the same crisis at the moment. We always believe in the power of community and now it’s more important than ever to support each other. Hope to see you inside and remember to look out for more tips from us on how to manage your dance business during this pandemic.

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