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Online Courses, Business Services, and Useful Resources to help Dance Instructors build a successful and profitable business.

Build the dance teaching career of your dreams!

Are you currently struggling to fill up your classes? Tired of doing marketing that doesn’t work? In need of having someone to bounce your ideas with?

Look, we know you’re a terrific dancer already. Good enough to teach, right? But how many of us actually come from a dance education background or have business experience prior to starting a dance business?     

Just like teaching dance requires a different set of skills to dancing, running a dance business also requires another different set of skills. No need to get overwhelmed by the whole thing though, remember that these are all just skills, which means they can be learnt! Just like when you started learning how to dance, in the beginning the lingo might sound odd to you, but once you’ve mastered the basic concept you will get better at overcoming the struggles ahead of you. Soon, you’ll be able to navigate the dance business world as easy as you navigate a crowded social dance floor.

We’re here to help! We’ve been there, done that, (got the t-shirt!) with our physical school CubanSalsaSchool before we then went completely online. We’d love it if you too can achieve your dream of having a successful and profitable dance school. Your success will be our success!

“Whether you want to become a better marketer for your own classes, develop your teaching skills, or add personal value in your dance community, our online courses and business coaching will get you where you want to go.”

All of our courses and services are specifically designed for Dance Instructors like you, not only to help you expand your business, but also to grow your community and be a part of a bigger movement, that is working towards a healthier society.



Pick one of our signature Online Courses and start your training today and master the path to success!

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Let us help you grow your dance business fast with our Coaching and Copywriting Services.

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A series of tips, tools, and other free resources to make life as a dance instructor and business owner easier.

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Meet Your Instructor

With her MBA degree and entrepreneurial aptitude, Julia is the business brain behind the success of CubanSalsaSchool. In the 5 years she was running the school in Edinburgh, she grew the business from teaching just 4 beginners students to running classes with hundreds of students, 4 nights a week at capacity, as well as sold out social events.  In order to reach out to a much bigger audience than her local scene and dance style, she then shifted her focus onto creating online courses and offering her business services. We get our high from helping people. At CubanSalsaSchool, our greatest reward was to see our students improve and grow as dancers and then as dance instructors. Most of them continued to teach now and some even started their own dance schools. So now we’d like to help you too, to be able to achieve your dream of having a successful and profitable dance school.




Julia’s workshop was really practical – she explained everything clearly, making comparisons with relatable situations. She presented the training material passionately and in an engaging way, with lots of feedback, and in a relaxed atmosphere. The exercises opened my mind to new ideas and helped me gain a deep understanding of marketing. Definitely great value for money and I would highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you, Julia! 


Cuban Salsa Edinburgh

Taking Julia’s online course was very illuminating in many respects. I really think more people should be taking it. Thank you for putting together the time, talent and effort on the marketing course! That was money well spent.

Julio Montero

Van Cuba

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