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"Whether you want to become a better marketer for your classes, develop your teaching skills, or add personal value to your dance community, my e-books, online courses and business coaching will get you where you want to go."

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The 11-Step Checklist e-book

Starting and Growing a Dance Studio can be overwhelming with constant worries.
How do you attract more students?
How do you retain existing students?
How do you improve your teaching skills?
How can you build a dream team?
How can you get additional income revenue?
How can your Dance Studio make a difference?

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The 11-Step Checklist e-book

This checklist will help you answer those questions. Tick off everything on the list and your dance studio will grow and stand out from the competition.


Hi, I'm Julia. I teach business skills to dance instructors/studio owners and help them transform their business. Interested?
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"I envision a world where dance instructors and dance studio owners have the tools and support they need to succeed in their business. This will allow them to do more of what they love, build a profitable business and make a difference in the community they build."

my background

I used to run the successful CubanSalsaSchool in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the highly competitive market at the time, I grew the business from teaching just 4 beginners students to running classes with hundreds of students, 4 nights a week at capacity, as well as sold out social events in a relatively short time.In order to reach out to a much bigger audience than our local scene and dance style, I then shifted my focus onto training predominantly dance instructors and dance business owners.I get my high from helping people. At CubanSalsaSchool, my greatest reward was to see our students improve and grow as dancers and then as dance instructors. Most of them continued to teach now and some even started their own dance schools. So now I’d like to help you too, to be able to achieve your dream of having a successful and profitable dance school.

Follow me on social media (links below) or get in touch to explore the possibilities of us working together building a dance studio of your dreams, whether you're a team of 1 or 10+ people.

what they say

Wioletta - Cuban Salsa Edinburgh, UK

"Julia’s workshop was really practical – she explained everything clearly, making comparisons with relatable situations. She presented the training material passionately, engagingly, with lots of feedback, and in a relaxed atmosphere. The exercises opened my mind to new ideas and helped me understand marketing deeply. Great value for money and I would highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you, Julia!"


Build Your Dream Dance Studio is out now!
Available on Amazon, Apple Books and SoDance Digital Shop.

This is a straightforward, step-by-step book that can help transform you into somebody who has the practical skills and business knowledge to build the dance studio of your dreams.

No fluff. No hidden secrets. No false promises.
Just an easy plan that works.

This book is showing you the Roadmap to success and the proven Framework, used by Julia herself and other dance business owners, to build a successful dance studio. A blueprint that can be easily adapted to your own studio.By reading this book, you’ll embark on a 60-day personal journey, and over those 60 days you will learn what personal and business skills you need in order to be successful in this industry. The topics covered include marketing, effective dance teaching, building a dream team and additional revenue streams.If you ever wonder why other schools do much better than you – even though you’re technically a better dancer and dance instructor – then it might simply be because they have honed the right personal and business skills in order to succeed. Now you, too, can learn these skills from this very book.

Grab your copy of Build Your Dream Dance Studio now!
Available on Amazon, Apple Books and SoDance Digital Shop.



All available at SoDance Academia:

Marketing Course for Dance Instructors
Effective Dance Teaching Course
Build a Dream Team Course
Student Journey Mapping Course

what they say

Julio Montero - Van Cuba, Canada

"Taking Julia’s online course was very illuminating in many respects. I really think more people should be taking it. Thank you for putting together the time, talent and effort on the marketing course! That was money well spent."

in person workshop

(coming soon!)

So You Want to be a Dance Instructor

So you want to be a dance instructor? How do you start? What technical, personal and business skills do you need to have to pursue this dream? How do you attract and retain students? How do you stand out from the competition? How do you manage time and resources? How do you turn your passion into profits?

These are all the questions I had to figure out along my journey - and this workshop answers all these questions and more. It is designed for intermediate/advanced level dancers who are interested in becoming an instructor and earning money from it. Each course is capped at 10 students to maintain an intimate environment and ensure individualised attention. Serious applicants only!

Get in touch for details of the course and upcoming dates.



When you’re in need of that extra push, hiring a coach will help you get there faster. Not only they can help you decide where there is, they will also stretch and challenge you.Why work with a coach?
It can be hard to work out what to do first when you’re faced with an immediate problem to solve. Clients might come to me with specific challenges they’re facing or to make plans for positive change. I'm skilled at listening carefully and asking the right questions.
I can help you see the business more clearly and become aware of what you’re missing, identify your blind spots, and unlock the full potential of your dance business. It’s important to know that coaching is not intervention; I will bring out your best, give you advice and help you to think and find the answers to the situation you’re facing.All coaching sessions will be done online, using either Google Hangout/ Zoom/ Messenger/ WhatsApp.Get in touch to explore the possibilities of us working together building a dance studio of your dreams, whether you're a team of 1 or 10+ people.


I mainly work online so can be reached from anywhere in the world. An on-site visit may be possible, please get in touch to discuss: [email protected]


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