As a Dance Instructor, you are making a massive impact in your community. You help people get healthier by getting them more active, you open doors to people to become more sociable, and you share joy! YOU have the power to unlock the potential in someone to be great, whilst at the same time help them improve their physical and mental health. People should know more about you and your voice deserves to be heard.

Imagine having fully-booked dance classes, being the sought-after dance instructor in your scene, your business is thriving, and you have the financial freedom to live the life you want from doing something you love. Imagine the impact you can make on society by having all this. This needn’t be a dream.

You can definitely do this! And we can help you.  

How can we be of your assistant?

Dance Business Online Courses

Online Courses

The Online Courses you need to develop yourself and your team to succeed in this business.

Business Services

As a Coach, we’ll help you keep on track and stretch and challenge you to move towards your goals faster. And we can help you clarify your message with our Copywriting service.


FREE downloadable resources and business insights in a blog form to make your life as a dance instructor/business owner easier.

Live Events

We sometimes run Live Workshops (in-person and online streaming) with a cohort of dance instructors, so we can bounce off ideas with each other and be accountability buddies.

SoDance Academia

Now OPEN for enrolment! Business School for Dance Instructors. Get Full Access to all of our Online Courses, Workbooks, PDF Downloads, Templates, and Q&A Sessions with Julia.