4 Quick Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing

People are still buying dance classes and a lot more people now are looking for something to do while they’re stuck at home. So this isn’t the time to hide! Here are 4 quick marketing tips you can follow to help you go out there and get your students: 

1. Create regular VIDEO CONTENT on social media showcasing your online classes

Videos capture attention, increase engagement, and they generate 1200%* more shares than text and images combined (*source: Impact).

2. Create a PRIVATE GROUP PAGE for your students to keep communicating with each other and with you

Social Dancing relies on community to survive, so it’s important to keep this alive during the physical distancing period. Provide your students with an online space where they can keep in touch with each other and with you to maintain the sense of being a part of a community.

3. Use EMAIL MARKETING to reach out to old and current students to stay connected

More people are looking for something to do when they’re stuck at home now, so let your students know you are there for them. Also reach out to the ones who you’ve lost touch with, for example because they’ve moved on to another city or even another country, to another dance style, or who have found another hobby. Remind them that you exist and of all the good times they had when they were at your classes.

4. Introduce a DANCE CHALLENGE and encourage sharing on social media

You see this a lot on Instagram and Tiktok, people of all ages are taking part in all kind of dance challenges. It’s fun and it gives people a sense of connection when they’re doing something together with other people, which is an important element that is missing from not being able to be on the same social dance floor at the moment.

Let us know what else have you been doing to market your dance classes during this physical distancing period, we’d love to hear from you!

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