How Clear Messaging Can Lead To Increased Sales

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In a world full of information, clarity wins. Let’s say someone is looking for a new hobby (or for something to do during this lockdown period), what makes them choose YOU instead of other activity providers? 

We need to remember that when someone is searching something on Google, they already have something in mind of what they’re looking for. They might put “online dance classes” in the search box, or “learn salsa online”, or even something general like “what to do indoors to keep fit”. So when they happen to land on your website, the first thing they look out is if your website is relevant, ie. can provide answers, to their search.

Studies show that it takes people less than 5 seconds to decide whether a website is relevant to their search, or they’ll go elsewhere. So to make sure your web visitors stay a bit longer on your website and to be eventually convinced to buy your dance classes, it is important, first of all, to have a clear Header and Sub Header stating what you do and who you do it for, followed by clear messaging throughout your content.

Imagine someone is asking you these questions:

“What do you do?”
“Who do you do it for?”
“Why should I choose you?”
“How can you help me?” 

How would you answer? Would you struggle? And if a different person is asking you the same questions next week, would your answer be the same? Would everyone in your team answer the same way?

When we think of marketing, most of us are aware of the importance of using the same logo, the same colour, and the same font. But surprisingly, not many dance instructors or dance studios are thinking about the message the same way.

Selling is about good communication and finding a connection point (much like social dancing: it is finding that connection with your dance partner and the music that makes the magic happen; finding that connection through clear messaging makes the sales happen). It is about being relevant to the very thing your audience is searching for. And since it is impossible to be relevant to everyone, make sure you communicate your clear message to a specific group of people. If you’re relevant to them, it is naturally more likely for them to buy from you. So get to truly know your customers. 

Make sure you focus on the end results that your students can achieve when they’re joining your dance classes. This is what they are looking for: what you can do to help them. Do this in all your messaging and in time it will lead you to increased sales. 

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