Ready to turn your Dance Teaching Skill into a profitable business? 

This 100% Free training series can be transformational for you

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To accelerate the growth of your dance studio and increase revenue, you need to master the basics of business.


In this 3 part video training series, you will learn what key areas to focus on and what essential skills you need in order for you to build a profitable business that makes a difference. This training is 100% FREE.

What you will learn

  • A clear but simple roadmap to help you turn your hobby into a profitable dance business that makes a difference.
  • The exact framework we used to build our own successful dance school that can easily be adapted to your own school.
  • What to focus on first, second, third, and so on so you have a step-by-step approach in building your thriving business.
  • Recognise the common mistakes that most dance instructors make and how to fix each one of them.

Free eBook included

  • Build a Better Website (and increase your conversion rate).
Build a Better Website

Meet your instructor: Julia @SoDance

With her MBA degree and entrepreneurial aptitude, Julia is the business brain behind the success of CubanSalsaSchool. In the 5 years she was running the school in Edinburgh, she grew the business from teaching just 4 beginners students to running classes with hundreds of students, 4 nights a week at capacity, as well as sold-out social events.  In order to reach out to a much bigger audience than her local scene and dance style, she then shifted her focus onto training predominantly dance instructors and dance business owners.


We get our high from helping people. At CubanSalsaSchool, our greatest reward was to see our students improve and grow as dancers and then as dance instructors. Most of them continued to teach now and some even started their own dance schools. So now we’d like to help you too, to be able to achieve your dream of having a successful and profitable dance school.

Ready to turn your dance teaching skill into a profitable business?

Here’s a step-by-step plan to make it happen. Start now with this 100% FREE business training series.

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"Taking Julia’s online course was very illuminating in many respects. I really think more people should be taking it. Thank you for putting together the time, talent and effort on the course!"

Julio Montero

Van Cuba - Vancouver


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