SoDance Insider (coming soon!) helps dance instructors/business owners stay one step ahead of others with access to exclusive how-to and best-practice guides, tools, checklists, members-only webinars, special discounts to new courses, invites to SoDance events, and much more.

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Unlimited access to member exclusive content
Enjoy unlimited access to all our stories, articles, tools, checklists, including downloadable how-to and best-practice guides.

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Get access to our members-only webinars and event series.

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All members will get a special code for discounts to access ongoing courses we produce.

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> Who is it for?

The membership is made for dance instructors and dance business owners, mainly in the social dance settings, who want to stay ahead in the industry.

> Why should I pay if you already offer free resources

If you’re only interested in our free content, that’s absolutely fine, and we’re very happy to have you as a reader! We offer you to become an Insider if you want to go the extra mile and gain even more insight into the business side of social dancing. The membership will also support the development of Social Dance Collective (SoDance) and help us develop more courses and features.

> Is SoDance Insider for individuals or companies?

At the moment we only offer individual memberships as you will get personal invite to our events and individual discount code for new release courses. Simply purchase another membership for an extra person in your company.

> Do I get an invoice?

Of course! We will send you an invoice shortly after we receive your payment.

> My card is not accepted, I can only do bank transfer – what should I do?

Just send us an email and we will send you details for a bank transfer.

> Can I cancel easily?

Yes, you can easily cancel anytime from inside the member area. 

If you have any other questions prior to joining, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.