Bragging vs Branding

Bragging vs Branding

Let’s take a closer look at our messaging to our audience. How can we tell the difference if we are Bragging or Branding when we post on social media? The answer to that is INTENTION. 

Bragging – your intent is of selfishness. You want to tell people how amazing you are, how much better you are than everybody else. You do it to feed your ego and it validates your self-worth. 

Branding, on the other hand, your intent is of helpfulness:

1. You talk about yourself so that your audience can connect with your personal values and with what you stand for. The more they feel they can relate to you, the more likely that they want to work with you.

2. You talk about yourself so that your potential students can tell what sets you apart from your competition, to help them choose you rather than other dance schools.

3. You talk about yourself so that your students can visualise what it’s like to learn from you and how they can benefit from joining your dance school.

Remember that Branding is still about YOU, but seen from the lens of your students. Your students will appreciate it when you assure them that they have the highest chance of success if they choose to go to your dance school.

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