So you want to be a Social Dance Instructor

Whether you’re passionate about salsa, bachata, swing, or any other dance style, let’s discover how you can start small and build your way up to making dance teaching your full-time gig!

Bragging vs Branding

Let’s take a closer look at our messaging to our audience. How can we tell the difference if we are…
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5 Quick Teaching Tips for Online Dance Classes

Here are 5 quick tips you can take away today to help you run your online dance classes more effectively:…
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5 Quick Tips For Effective Dance Teaching

Here are 5 quick tips you can take away today to help you teach social dance, both online and offline,…
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What Makes A Good Teacher Great

(This blog first appeared on our sister site CubanSalsaSchool) Typically, there’s no formal way you have to go through to…
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Key Mindset Shifts for Dance Instructors

Your mindset is your collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits. And your thought habits affect how…
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How Clear Messaging Can Lead To Increased Sales

In a world full of information, clarity wins. Let’s say someone is looking for a new hobby (or for something…
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4 Quick Marketing Tips

People are still buying dance classes and a lot more people now are looking for something to do while they’re…
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Stop Offering Free Dance Classes

There are lots of new online dance classes popping up recently, which by the way is great to see because…
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Increase Your Online Visibility

Why is Online Visibility important? Because people can’t enrol in your dance classes if they don’t know you exist. It’s as…
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